Sugarloaf Studios Photography is two Photographers serving Western Massachusetts and nearby locations. We are two friends who share a love for everything Photography! Sugarloaf Studios Photography does more than take photographs; we make memories that last a lifetime!



-About Kortney-

 HI! I'm Kortney, I was born in New York and spent most of my childhood in Western Massachusetts.  I Graduated High School, Went off to the Army, Worked countless 60 hour weeks during my 20's, and finally attended a local Institute that taught me everything i needed to know about student loans, and how unfair life really is. I have spent all my life including schooling learning computers, getting certified and one day decided that i wanted to be a photographer.  I Still dabble in computers but taking photos is my passion and i just cant get enough of it.  My favorite type of photography is weddings! I absolutely positively adore shooting weddings for people.  My wife and i had hired a wedding photographer from eastern Massachusetts and wanted to cry when our pictures were delivered. I Vowed never to be "THAT" photographer to someone else.   I am  on disability and concentrate a lot of my free time helping out local charities and non profits whenever possible. I miss working and Photography has giving me a  hobby and passion to share with others!   Two Photographers, Two Friends. One Portrait Studio!




-About Melissa-

Melissa was born in Greenfield, Massachusetts and grew up in the small town of Turners Falls. A writer first, Melissa earned her BA in English from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. She spent 9 years as a Juvenile Court Investigator, and decided that 9 years of learning about heartbreak was enough.

Melissa began working for Heather Fuller Photography out of Boston back in 2011, after Andi Walpurgis from Shades of Images took her to her first wedding and she was hooked. Melissa has now shot over 75 weddings, both as a first shooter and as a second photographer.  She has studied the art and flow of weddings for the past three years and she continually works to learn all that she can about wedding photography.

Melissa met Kortney back in 2011, and a business relationship quickly bloomed. Kortney's quick thinking and massive technical skills are a wonderful compliment to Melissa's laid back style. Both of us strive to make the bride and groom feel comfortable while at the same time getting every shot that has been requested.

Melissa believes that they have the perfect team to capture the essence of any wedding day.