The Benefits of an Unplugged Wedding

September 03, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Some of you may have heard the term "unplugged wedding", but maybe you aren't quite sure what it means. An unplugged wedding is defined as a wedding where you ask all of your guests to put down their cell phones, their cameras, their ipads and their tablets and stop taking pictures.

If you have spent the money for professional wedding photography there is no reason to have guests taking pictures.

The benefits of an unplugged wedding include:

Guests can sit back and enjoy the ceremony instead of trying to capture a shot.

You won't have a bunch of pictures of Uncle Bob or Auntie Ann getting in the professional photographer's way.

You will be the first person to see pictures of yourself on your wedding day, instead of thousands of people on Facebook.

As two photographers that always work together, we recently shot a wedding that included a very persistent Auntie Ann. We asked her to get out of the way on numerous occasions, even telling her that she was in too many pictures and we couldn't get a clear shot of the couple without her there.

This guest was using a small camera, capable of roughly one picture every ten seconds. 

We'd love to show you the images from the wedding day, but we aren't into shaming guests. What we will share is this:

The great shot of dad walking his daughter down the aisle? It was perfect. Crystal clear. Dad smiling nervously and bride looking at her groom....except Auntie Ann's butt was in the middle of the aisle, trying to get a shot too.

The ring exchange? After the first time Auntie Ann was asked to move?

Beautiful images, if you like an added person with their camera in the photos, getting so close to the hands of the bride and groom she was practically touching their hands. She stood next to the officiant with her camera and would not move.

Was this an excessive case of Auntie Annie Syndrome?

Yes. This was the first time a guest has been so blatant about ignoring us and refusing to step out of the way. We are frustrated for the bride because she will not be happy with her images that would have been beautiful minus the face of some random guest who decided that two professional photographers was not enough coverage.

We are two very laid back, relaxed photographers. We encourage you to tell your guests to sit back and enjoy the day you have spent many hours preparing for.


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